Saturday, March 24, 2007

Read this review of an amazing website I recommed. . .


The other day I came across a site called Desk Top Bucks and
I must say I was pretty impressed with it.

So today I want to give you a review of this new website
that truly is a "must have" resource for anyone building an
online business.

This is not some site were it is "valued $147" people have
actually paid $147 a year to be a member of this site. Trust
me there's a big difference.

You can check out the original sales letter here:

(DO NOT sign up for an account on the home page unless you
want to pay full price. I'll show you how to get your
account at the end of this review.)

But first, let me tell you why I absolutely believe you need
to check this out.

Desk Top Bucks has been set up by Kevin Rohan - a very
successful business and marketing consultant based in

Over the last 4 years Kevin has applied his real world
marketing experience to the internet and has created over
multiple highly profitable websites in numerous niche
markets that provide a very respectable income.

After achieving his own online success he wanted to help the
average Joe cut through the excessive and confusing hype
that currently saturates the internet marketing industry.

His aim was to provide members with every detail of the
exact steps he has personally used to create websites that
automatically generate him and others income day after day.

When I asked Kevin why he was doing this he said, "I am sick
of all the B.S. out there. I really just want to create a
site that I wish was out there when I got started online."

And on that note here's just a quick overview of what you'll
get as a Desk Top Bucks member:

1) The "Internet Marketing Boot Camp" - is a series of 10
lessons filled with over 6 hours of audio and over 7 hours
of original step-by-step video lessons over 30 days that
train you in the fundamentals of building a profitable
internet business.

* How to make an entire website from scratch

* Setting up your website & hosting

* Creating information products

* Setting up an auto-responders

* Adding & creating popups that work

* Adding & creating graphics for your site

* How to put testing and tracking in place

* Automating your website so that it runs hands

* How to processing credit cards online

* Setting up an your own affiliate program

* All of this is covered and more in the Internet
Marketing Boot Camp!

And that's just the start...

Here's what you also get:

2) The "Movie Center" with over 12 hours of full motion
video from some of the world's best internet marketers like:

* Alex Mandossian
* Armand Morin
* Perry Marshall
* Declan Dunn
* Ken Giddens
* And more!

Others paid thousands to attend the seminars in these videos
- it's included in your membership.

3) A question center where members can ask Kevin anything
about making it online.

4) A download center that contains special reports, recorded
calls on list building and internet marketing basics and a
complete case study of the Desk Top Bucks website itself
detailing exactly how he put it together.

All of this, by the way, is *original* content by Kevin
detailing his personal success strategies in detail.

Members get to "look over his shoulder" as he shows the
exact steps, tips, tricks and techniques he uses to build
and generate profit from his own websites.

5) A marketing center that provides training on affiliate
marketing including sample emails, squeeze page templates,
videos, banners, ezine advertising and much more.

As a member you automatically become an affiliate for the
website and can earn money by helping to promote it.


New content is being added to the members' area constantly.
For example, over the next few weeks Kevin is adding a
conference call on Affiliate Marketing and a live case study
on generating large amounts of web traffic with article

(The article marketing case study alone is going to last at
least a year.)

Now I am going to be upfront with you there is an OTO.

Kevin has put together a membership upgrade package of
software and tools that he has hand-picked to help you get
your online businesses up and running as fast as possible

This package includes a copy of Adtrackz (considered one of
the most powerful testing and tracking software packages
available), a membership site script, article submission &
pop up ad creation software, survey software, fly in ad
creator, web audio creator and more.

Kevin is also creating step-by-step video training to show
you exactly how to use the key software in this package -
very impressive!

The upgrade package is offered to new members who join Desk
Top Bucks for a one time $97 payment.

When you consider that Adtrackz alone can not be purchased
anywhere else for less than $79 you'll understand what a
great deal this is, let alone all the other great software
and the video training.

Kevin has indicated that the package will be made available
in the members' area soon, but it will be at least twice the
price than when it is first offered to new members. If
you're serious about jump starting your online business, I
highly recommend you take him up the offer at $97 when you
see it.

Regardless of whether you decide to upgrade your
membership or not, you're going to absolutely enjoy the
many, many hours of audio and video training available in
the members area and the regular updates.

Desk Top Bucks truly is a "must have" website membership.

As mentioned above, there is a way for you to get a
membership to Desk Top Bucks, normally $147 a year.

To grab your account now and check it out
for yourself go here:

This is my gift to you for taking the time to read this
review! Take and use it to benefit your online business.

Here's to your success,



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