Monday, July 9, 2007

How Good Is Niche Empire Generator Really?

Greetings All,

I know a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon of Andrew Hansen's new software Niche Empire Generator so I'm going to try and provide what I believe is an unbiased review of the software for the benefit of anyone still sitting on the fence with this one.

The premise is smart, and we have definitely seen that people have made money using Andrew's methods but let's look a little deeper...

As an overview, the Niche Empire Generator software basically builds and manages niche websites for you. The kind of niche sites are Wordpress blog based and follow the principles of the popular report Niche Marketing On CRACK that this guy released a couple of months back.

These sites have proven to be great money spinners for a number of entrepreneurs so it's easy to see why the buzz about the program has gotten so big.


- The sofware does make it easy for you to build niche sites customized to the way you like them and with many helpful addons. Once you understand how it works (full videos are provided) there is no reason why anyone couldn't have their first profitable niche site up and running within 10 minutes of using the software.

- It creates the sites to be very SEO friendly and eliminates a lot of work that would have to be done by hand normally. It also helps you promote the sites by submitting the RSS feeds of the sites you build around the web and integrating social bookmarking features designed to pull traffic from the social network sites.

- When I first read the on CRACK report I wondered how someone could really make so many niche sites because it is hard to follow them and keep them all updated. The content posting feature and the managing sites features actually allow this to be possible with relative ease.

- It doesn't just manage your sites, it manages everything you do to your sites so you can instantly know when your sites will need updating again, where their ranking in the search engines, how many links you're getting, what articles you've submitted to where and much more.


- To build a niche empire like is described can be done with the software but does take work and time.

The software doesn't do EVERYTHING for you and you will still need to generate your own content (although a chunk of startup content is provided and you get resources for ongoing content development in the package)

- You will want to use your own templates after a while as I thought more would have been provided in the package.


While we know that automation is a great thing online, total automation is generally not possible. This Niche Empire Generator thing is as close to maximum automation as I have seen in terms of niche marketing.

Based on this I deem Niche Empire Generator to be well worth a look for anyone looking to add an extra and very PASSIVE new income stream to their business.

Check it out by clicking the link below:

To your success!